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Can Whirlipede work out as an Eviolite user?

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Well, it work really different than Scolipede, if so, and it's Defense reach 443 with no Defense-boosting nature, and his Special Defense can reach amounts of 423 with a Special-Defense boosting, so:

A - Can it work out?

B - What's a good moveset for it?

asked Jul 13, 2011 by NJDevil

1 Answer

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Hmmm, since I say that it wouldn't work well, would I have to include a moveset? Please comment if I should.

Okay, I say it wouldn't be very good. Its defensive stats might look good, but it has poor HP, giving it the old Shuckle syndrome.

Typing is another problem. While it resists Grass, Bug, Poison, and Fighting, it is weak to Fire, Flying, Psychic, and Rock. While the Flying weakness isn't really that dangerous, Psychic, Fire, and Rock are very common weaknesses, especially Rock when it comes to Stealth Rock, and remember that less than stellar HP. The Grass resistance is decent enough, and while Bug isn't incredible, it can be helpful at times. Poison resistance is pretty useless, although it does have immunity to Poison and can remove Toxic Spikes. That Fighting resistance is pretty good. However, while it does have some nice resistances, they don't number very many, and are cancelled out by weaknesses. Bug/Poison also doesn't give that great of STAB.

Movepool is always a common problem for potential eviolite users. Let's see the defensive movepool of Whiripede. Iron Defense, which is never that great of a move actually. Toxic, which everything has. Protect, everything has. Rest, everything has. Substitute, everything has. Yeah, pretty bad, in fact I would call it downright awful.

answered Jul 13, 2011 by trachy
Well, thank you, at least I tried :p
And you don't have to say the moveset.