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Can the pokemon "Cherrim" Be strong

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Im planning to make a Pokemon story.And the players starter is gonna be cherubi.Yes its gonna evovle.
Just wanna know if Cherrim can be usefel.In any way.And if yes why?And if NO why?

asked Jul 14, 2011 by RedPikachu
What is pokemon story?

2 Answers

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Cherrim is alright ingame. His ability makes him useful. Here is a good moveset.

Cherrim@Heat Rock

-sunny day
-solar beam
-hidden power ground/fire

Sunny day activates Cherrim's ability flower gift, making it usable. With sunny day, solar beam owns. Aromatherapy heals, and hp ground/fire is for coverage. Heat rock makes sunny day last for eight turns, increasing it's use. Hope this helps!

answered Jul 14, 2011 by aStryker97
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Cherrim's only use is in Double Battles/Triple Battles, where it pairs well with a Pokemon such as Groudon. While it does nothing itself, it makes your ally very powerful in the Sun. Even then, I consider it to be a worse teamate than something like a Whimsicott, who can set up Tailwind and Light Screen for you while also weakening the foe with Memento, which gives you time to set up a boost move. In Single Battles, Cherrim is useless.

answered Jul 14, 2011 by trachy
edited Jul 14, 2011 by trachy
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