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Reseting + PokéWalker?

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Let´s say I´ve chosen Chikorita upon starting HS. I sent it to PokéWalker. Can I reset the game, choose Cyndaquil and get Chikorita from PokéWalker?

asked Jul 15, 2011 by DarthDestiny

3 Answers

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I dont think so because.......

I think the Pokewalker only responds to the save file it got used on before....

The only way to change that is to reset it.


That wont bring Chikorita back to the save file I think.....


answered Jul 15, 2011 by RedPikachu
But you can send Pokémon "back" even if you got it on PokéWalker without seding there any Pokémon
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ok the answer is no I had the same theory. Like rp said it only responds to the game file that it originally linked with. Also in order to use the pokewalker you have to reset it before you reset your game!

answered Jul 15, 2011 by Speed freak
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If you sent a Pokemon to the Pokewalker, and start a new game to try and get that Pokemon back, the game will not recognize that Pokemon and will not accept it. In fact, it will delete that Pokemon, and will never be able to connect to your DS until it is reset.

People have tried to do this but instead of starting a new game, they instead attempt to clone Pokemon by simply putting a Pokemon in the Pokewalker, and while it is saving when finished transferring, shut off the game before it saves, leaving them two of each Pokemon in the Pokewalker and the game.
But if you try and connect that Pokemon back to the game, the game will (from what l heard somewhere) actually delete both Pokemon.

I'm sure the Pokemon company thinks about these kinds of things beforehand!

answered Jul 15, 2011 by Sam Sam Sam Sam