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How many bp for accomplishing each battle frontier building?

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How many bp does each building (such as battle pike) give in emerald? When does the amour increase & by how much? Does Beating the brains increase the amount after you receive the symbol?

I really want lots of things in the shop so I need lots of bp...

asked Jul 19, 2011 by Eoko

1 Answer

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Battle Pike: 1 BP Defeat Brain: 11 BP
Battle Arena: 1 BP Defeat Brain: 11 BP
Battle Pyramid: 5 BP Defeat Brain: 15 BP
Battle Dome: 1 BP Defeat Brain: 11 BP
Battle Factory: 3 BP Defeat Brain: 13 BP
Battle Palace: 4 BP Defeat Brain: 14 BP
Battle Tower: 2 BP Defeat Brain: 12 BP

answered Jul 20, 2011 by Mewderator