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Simple and Cotton Guard?

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How much would Cotton Guard raise the user's defense if its ability is Simple?

asked Jul 27, 2011 by Kyogreruler

2 Answers

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It would raise it by 6 Stages Which would immediatly Max their defense.

But There are currently No pokemon who have the ability simple and can learn Cotton Guard, the only way to pull this off would be to have a Team member in a double or Triple battle use Simple Beam on you.

answered Jul 27, 2011 by Josh
This is why simple beam+Shell smash in double battles would be bad...

Give the pokemon a white herb, and he's a powerhouse.
He's more than a powerhouse that pokemon would be Blowing holes in faces. Imagine that with Cloyster....
Or Baton passed by Gorebyss to anyone
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Instead of raising its Defense by 3 stages, it gets raised by 6 stages. You would need Simple Beam and Altaria or Cottonee/Whimsicott to actually achieve this.

answered Jul 27, 2011 by &Psychic x