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Would this survive explosion/Perish song?

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A pokemon is high in physical is holding a Focus sash then they use explosiuon would the Pokemon survive or faint
Also if you do this with Perish song would this work?

asked Jul 28, 2011 by RedPikachu
edited Aug 29, 2011 by Speed freak

2 Answers

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In both instances, the user would die. (For perish song, you wouldn't die if you switched out)

answered Jul 28, 2011 by aStryker97
2 votes

explosion no i even tested it in PO sorry
perish song no it wouldnt im i tried it with alteria
your welcome ':)

answered Jul 28, 2011 by Sh!nyFlygon
edited Jul 28, 2011 by Sh!nyFlygon