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How do you get into the dream world?

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I don't know how to get into the dream world, can someone tell me how please?

asked Aug 1, 2011 by Shaishai8

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First you have to register at Then tuck in a pokemon by touching the middle set of stars on your cgear. It should say game sync. Then tuck in a pokemon, and go onto your computer. log in to and register your game cart. You may have to register it before tucking in the pokemon. Then click on dream world on the bottom left of your screen. A tutorial well follow. Hope this helps!

answered Aug 1, 2011 by aStryker97
to add on it may not be stars i use circles as theres also squares,etc
Ok thanks i'll try it as soon as possible :)
And once you put a pokemon into the dream world you can take it out right? Because i don't wanna put one of my favorites in, then i can't get it out.
yeah you can take it out! you can play on the dw for an hour a day, then wake up tour pokemon from the computer. Then wake it up using game sync on your ds. hope this helps!
Ok thats great. I made an account but how do activate it? I checked my email and still it's not working. (sorry if i'm being a bother, i'm just clueless)
give it time it will appear if not resend it
do what pokewatt said :)
be careful with maitnance day though.  i got my oshwott stuck on the dream world once for a day which really sucked.