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Can I have 2 masterballs?

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I heard that if you give a lucky egg to a pokemon, and teach thief to another pokemon, and if you put them in a double battle, use the pokemon that use thief on the pokemon that has lucky egg, the lucky egg will multiplied.

I want to know whether it works on a Masterball?

asked Aug 13, 2011 by Pokemontrainer
edited Aug 13, 2011 by Pokemaster

1 Answer

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No, It does not work. There are some methods to getting two Master Balls though;

Theif + Lucky Egg does not work either. All that will happen is the Pokemon that Theif is used n will have the Lucky Egg removed, and the user of Theif will get the Lucky Egg.

Where'd you come up with that?

answered Aug 13, 2011 by ƒιzz
edited Aug 13, 2011 by ƒιzz
Also, I don't think you can hold a Masterball.
You can hold one, thats how I got 2 masterballs in Heartgold, by making my Pokemon hold it and migrating.
MeW2011 is right, I've had a Pokemon hold one in case I accidently use it on capturing a non-legendary. I only use Master Balls on legendarys...