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Can breeding two pokemoon from forgien nations boost chances of shinys hatching more?

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asked Aug 14, 2011 by Tysonyoshi

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Yes, if you breed two Pokemon from different Countries, the chances of getting a Shiny are increased to 1/1366 chance in B/W. Note, if the Pokemon are from two different countries, but have the same language, the chances will not increase at all. Also, if you breed two Pokemon that have different languages but you obtained one of them In-Game, the chance of getting a Shiny will stay the same. Also no, it will not Boost the chances of getting a Shiny from the original chance.

answered Aug 14, 2011 by &Psychic x
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god dang pb-10 you beat me! i had basically the same answer.
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any way to add on he asked if it boosted the chance even more. which it doesnt
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nope. sorry. it stays the same.

The Masuda method is possible because
of an internal marker on each Pokémon
which identifies their "home
location", 0x17. If the game
recognizes the two Pokémon in the
daycare as having different home
locations, then the chances of the egg
hatching into a Shiny Pokémon will
increase. In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl,
Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver,
the odds will be increased by four
times: from the usual 1/8192 to
1/2048. In Pokémon Black and White,
the odds were increased again, to
1/1366. This is six times as likely as
encountering a Shiny Pokémon in tall

here is a link to this full bulbapedia article

answered Aug 14, 2011 by Ninja
edited Aug 14, 2011 by Ninja