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Can I teach 2 egg moves to a pokemon?

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I was trying to teach "Icicle Crash" to Swinub through breeding, and then trying to teach it "Avalanche"... but I think I'm stuck, lol...And now I don't know how to... Is it posible to do it, for Swinub to have does 2 moves?

asked Sep 4, 2011 by Lito.Bro

1 Answer

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Yes you can breed 4 egg moves to one pokemon but sometimes it is not possible because the pokemon that has to breed it onto it does not have both moves EG. Hydregion can only have D-pulse or E-power because no pokemon in his egg group can learn both. But also having both those moves on him is a very bad idea.

answered Sep 4, 2011 by Speed freak
Thank you! Now I can move on!!!