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What is a good moveset for Salamence? (page 2)

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asked Jul 19, 2010 by ohioscyther
edited Aug 27, 2012 by Pokemaster
Salamence (M) @ Lum Berry
Trait: Earthquake Spiral
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Dragon Dance
- Dragon Claw
- Earthquake
- Aerial Ace
What is EQ spiral? 'Cause if it's a joke, I don't get it.
That was Moxie's Japanese name.
Why is everyone suggesting flamethrower, are they not aware that brick break covers ice AND rock types, as well as being physical?
Mixed set.....
@ RedShift- Its for bulky pokemons like torterra and others
lol Now it's |SentByRavens|.

24 Answers

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Draco meter
Stone edge - ( For ice types )
Earthquake - ( For rock types )

answered Jun 15, 2013 by Thunderstreak
edited Jun 15, 2013 by Thunderstreak
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All Pain No Game Salamence [Physical Attacker]
Nature: Adamant
-Dragon Rush
-Brick Break
-Shadow Claw
-Dragon Dance

-Dragon rush for least amount of riskyness with outrage and being locked in it.

-Brick Break for destroying Surpressing barrier attacks such as reflect and light screen
doesn't work on ghost types and can't break barriers if ghost type is out with these on.

-Shadow Claw to apply back up with brick break against ghost types and others it has a high critical ratio.

-Dragon Dance to outspeed/increase damage on moves.

Hope this moveset is helpful to you :) comment to me on what should the moveset be changed and improved to be better.

answered Jun 28, 2013 by TheTeamChooser
edited Jun 28, 2013 by TheTeamChooser
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I think this is a good move set for Salamance:
Outrage(High power and STAB.You can switch it out after it is confused)
Aerial Ace(STAB and always hits)
Crunch(Can finish psychic type Pokemon like Cresselia
Stone egde(High power and type coverage)
All of these attacks are physical because Salamance has very high attack.
Hope this helps!

answered Aug 15, 2013 by ZekromMaster
My salamence movements are
Dragon Dance
Dragon Rush
Dragon Claw
Are this moves ok?
This is good for in-game but not competitve.For competitve,lose dragon dance and put in crunch and dragon rush for outrage.
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Gen IV Physical Sweeper
Salamance @ life Orb / Dragon Fang
Ability: Moxie
Nature: Adamant or Jolly (probably Jolly)
EVs: 252 Attack, 252 speed, 4 HP
Dragon Rush -- Because I don't want to get locked into Outrage.
Nasty Plot -- Instead of DD, to fix Dragon Rush's accuracy
Earthquake -- For steel types who resist Dragon rush
Steel wing / Shadow Claw -- Either kill pesky fairy types, or get at least neutral coverage against everything.

answered Apr 2 by Raymi