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What are the dream world abilites of all the starter pokemon

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From generation I-V and all their effects

asked Oct 19, 2011 by Dark Arceus

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I don't know why people ask questions like this...

  • Bulbasaur: Chlorophyll (Raises Speed during in Sunshine)
  • Charmander: Solar Power (Raises Sp. Atk in Sunshine but lowers HP)
  • Squirtle: Rain Dish (Gain 1/16 HP every turn in Rain)
  • Chickorita: Leaf Guard (Immunity to Status' in Sunshine)
  • Cyndaquil: Flash Fire (When hit by a Fire attack, it powers up its own Fire attacks)
  • Totodile: Sheer Force (Boosts power of moves with a secondary effect by 30% and removes the secondary effect.
  • Treecko: Unburden (Doubles speed when your item is lost)*
  • Torchic: Speed Boost (Raises Speed every turn)
  • Mudkip: Damp (Prevents self-destructing moves)
  • Turtwig: Shell Armor (Immunity from Critical hits)
  • Chimchar: Iron Fist (Boost power of punching moves)
  • Piplup: Defiant (When its stats are lowered, its Attack will rise)
  • Snivy: Contrary (Stat changes will have the opposite effect
  • Tepig: Thick Fat (Raises resistance to Fire and Ice attacks)
  • Oshawott: Shell Armor (Immunity to Critical hits)

I hope this helps in whatever way you need it to!
* Thank you for the note Lucario.

answered Oct 19, 2011 by Sam Sam Sam Sam
edited Oct 19, 2011 by Sam Sam Sam Sam
Unburden raises Speed if you use your item.
Also, personally, I think the most useful are Squirtle's Rain Dish for rain,  Torchic's Speed Boost for Uber Blaziken, and Snivy's Contrary for Leaf Storm.
I don't know, Lucario... Charmander's Solar Power can be devastating when used with Choice Specs on a sun team, Treecko's Unburden is nice for a SubBerry strategy and Totodile's Sheer Force gives a nice power boost for things like Waterfall, Ice Punch and Crunch.
Good point, all of them are pretty useful in one way or another :)