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I turned into a Meowth?

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I went to my friend's Entralink and accepted a mission that would triple prize money,then I turned into Meowth! Is there any other Pokemon I can turn into and why do I turn into a Pokemon?

asked Nov 13, 2011 by PokeGirl
ive been a clefable SO COOL!!!!!
i was a Geodude
i was running from my brother
Geodude here too! I gave my bro a Heal Ball.
i turned into a machop
what game is this on?

1 Answer

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OK I have done this before. Depending on the mission your appearance changes, yours had to do with money so you became a Meowth. It is different for every kind of mission.

answered Nov 13, 2011 by Speed freak
edited Mar 21, 2012 by Speed freak