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Technician and Double Hit?

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Does it count as 35 base power or 70? So would Technician get the boost?

asked Nov 20, 2011 by XtremeKiller

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it counts as 35 each so yes technician will boost double hit. Each will be 52.5 adding up to 105 base power. The same concept goes for all multi-hit moves.

answered Nov 20, 2011 by Speed freak
Great! What a great move on Scizor!
And on Ambipom.
BETTER on Ambipom, might I add.
Just a little math thing, but either way, it gives you the same value.

35*1.5 +35*1.5= 52.5+52.5= 105


Multi hit moves will get the same power whether you add up the individual hits and boost it, or boost every individual move and sum it.