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Lugia in the sea?

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If Lugia is a flying/Psychic, why does it spend most of the second movie hiding in the sea?, and if i remember correctly, doesn't someone refer to it as the ''beast of the sea''?

asked Nov 24, 2011 by Fire Trainer

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Pokemon logic?

answered Nov 24, 2011 by Mew2King
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Similar to what Mew2king said. Pokemon is not known for its logic. Gyrados is similar in that sense as it is known as a dragon Pokemon but it is not a Dragon type. It says that Lugia is so strong that it has to hide under the sea to prevent him from causing Storms. So it is not so much as a Pokemon of Water but a Pokemon that lives under water, maybe in a Psychic Air bubble? Though Lugia has been a water type in TCG.

From Bulbapedia: Lugia usually live very deep on the ocean floor, not because they are natural sea-dwellers, but because they fear that they can accidentally cause untold devastation.

answered Nov 24, 2011 by Speed freak
edited Nov 25, 2011 by Speed freak
Some story I remember reading, Lugia and Ho-oh had their own towers but Ho-oh destroyed Lugia's tower way back so it retreated to the sea.
Cool. That could be an explanation as well.