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What is the rarity of (a fraction please):

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A shiny, Pokerus and perfect IVs Pokemon? My friend caught one. And I really want to know.

asked Nov 26, 2011 by Mewderator

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Shiny: 1/8192 regular; 1/2048 for masuda method
Pokerus: 3/65,536 chance of getting it on a wild or newly hatched poke
Max Iv's: 1/28629151 (gawd!) and if you are thinking about breeding look at this.
GRAND TOTAL: 1/5131203802551637 chance of getting shiny, pokerus, and perfect iv's.

answered Nov 26, 2011 by ∞Skynet∞
edited Nov 26, 2011 by ∞Skynet∞
I mean all of it in one Pokemon.
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