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My white forest won't work!!

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All the trees are different Sizes and last time before I was on the grass was all there and the trees for some reason started growing down and the pond disappeared! I have had the game for about 5 months now and everything has disappeared in that time. My cousin has black but he lives in California. I don't know his friend code either. Is there anyway to get my White Forest back?

asked Dec 1, 2011 by gj2200

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You will need to go to a friends Black City, and take people to your White Forest. Unfortunately, this is the only way.

answered Dec 1, 2011 by Ninja
selected Dec 3, 2012 by &Psychic x
Darn it... Do you have black?
Whether or not he has Black doesn't matter.

Visiting each others worlds can only be done with a local connection (connect wirelessly with other people near you) and cannot be done on Wi-fi.