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In pokemon black why doesn't my black city have any buildings?

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All they have is just a pokmon center, but It's supposed to have a lot of buildings and towers.

asked Dec 1, 2011 by toodz

3 Answers

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you need to get people from white forest to your black city and then the bulidng start returning

answered Dec 2, 2011 by Pooka
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You must have taken too long to finish the storyline....
The longer you take the less things your black city/white forest will have.

answered Dec 2, 2011 by gio1991
edited Dec 7, 2011 by Pokemaster
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This has already been asked here.

Quoted form Darmanidude

To get people back you have to go in to a white entralink and go to white forest. Then talk to people and some people will follow you back there. It unlocks stores and trainers in black city.

answered Dec 2, 2011 by Pwnyta