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Krookodile vs. Cressalia.

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The Cressalia has 413 HP and 372 Def. How much damage will these moves do to Cressalia?

Krookodile 332 Attack: Crunch and Pursuit (Pursuit's damage will be base 40, non-switching damage).

Also: If they does not have any chance (not counting Crit Hit) of getting a OHKO, what is the lowest my attack stat can be and still get a 2HKO every time? Do this for Crunch and Pursuit.

asked Dec 2, 2011 by trachy

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Here are the damage amounts:
attack- min damage-max damage

Pursuit (non-switch): 82-96 HP

Pursuit (Switching) 158-186 HP

Crunch-158-186 HP

These all assume you have no item, moxie boosts, critical hits or defense drops from Crunch, so keep that in mind. The goal is to get 206.5 HP~207 HP of damage, and with max attack, (366) you can do about 174-204 damage to this Cresselia (using crunch), meaning at the very best, it still has about 3 HP to spare, so you can't OHKO it without changing something like adding an item. If you happened to get a critical hit, moxie boost, or defense drop from Crunch, you could take it out, but obviously, you're not trying to depend on luck here.

answered Dec 2, 2011 by DarkTyphlosion
Wait, so I can't get a OHKO or a 2HKO? Really? Wow. This thing is bulkier than I thought it would be. I would think a 333 STAB Crunch would do more.
Just to put it even more in perspective, even if you had a life orb, a +1 attack from moxie, and max attack (366) you still couldn't OHKO it.
Damn, guess I'll have to consider this one.