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Can no genders breed?

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I'm asking about pokemon that have no genders like golurk, can they breed with ditto?

asked Dec 6, 2011 by Eoko

3 Answers

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Ditto can breed with all pokemon besides itself and the Undiscovered(previously known as no eggs) group.


SInce Golurk is in the Mineral Egg Group, it can breed with ditto.

answered Dec 6, 2011 by Pwnyta
edited Dec 7, 2011 by Pwnyta
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absolutely! Ditto can make eggs with all pokemon except pokemon that cant make eggs. oh, and if you breed Ditto with Manaphy, you get Phione. pretty basic.

answered Feb 17, 2012 by pokefreak864
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Ditto can basicly breed with ANY Pokemon (but not ones like Victini Mew and Reshiram that does NOT make eggs) so Pokemon like Golurk and Kingklang can breed with Ditto.

answered Mar 7, 2012 by flipandy8
OK, but could they breed with each other?
Genderless Pokemon can breed with Ditto, but they cannot breed with another genderless Pokemon.