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metal burst damage

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okay so i have couple questions about the move metal burst.
1) does this move get stab?
2) is it 1.5x the amount of damage that i take or 1.5x the move power that the opponent uses? okay so lets say a slaking uses fire blast on my aggron, so i take 120 damage so is it 180 damage back to them? or if i lost 150 hp from fire blast, is it 225 hp back to slaking? i dont know if its the amount of hp or the move power that reflects back to them.

asked Dec 11, 2011 by HellDoom

2 Answers

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Metal Burst returns 1.5 times the damage dealt by the foe's last attack.


answered Dec 11, 2011 by DarthDestiny
It is basically a Counter and Mirror Coat rolled into one.
Stronger with a drawback...
ok i understand that my answer was wrong but your answer is still just part of mine
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1.)No it doesnt get stab

2.)Deals damage equal to 1.5x opponent's attack.

answered Dec 11, 2011 by Aura Warrior
edited Dec 12, 2011 by Aura Warrior