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Is the Heavy ball real

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I watch episode 25 in season seven and a Pokeball called "Heavy Ball"(which was essentially a blue and gray master ball) was used and i was just wondering if it is actually in the game.

asked Dec 12, 2011 by I_MISS_HOENN_T-T

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In Pokemon Crystal, Gold, HeartGold, Silver, and SoulSilver there is a Pokeball called the heavy ball, but it does not act as a master ball. In the Johto series, a man named Kurt, the Pokeball Maker, can make you Heavy Ball if you give him Black Apricorns. The Heavy Ball serves as a special ball that makes it easy to catch heavy Pokemon like Steelix, Groudon, Golem, Etc. Hope that helps!

answered Dec 12, 2011 by Riley55
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Yup but only in games that have apricorns(hg,ss,g,s,c-so any game in johto)

answered Dec 12, 2011 by Eoko