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What is a good moveset for Mawile?

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Mine knows:

Rock Slide: Decent power, good chance to cause flinching, decent accuracy, used to deal with Fire types.

Ice Punch: Decent power, high accuracy, chance to freeze, used to deal with Ground types.

Iron Head: Good power, high accuracy, good chance to cause flinchin, STAB.

Iron Defense: Used to raise Defense even higher.

Mawile learnset

asked Jul 20, 2010 by trachy
edited Jul 1, 2011 by DarkTyphlosion
Mawile (M) @ Life Orb
Trait: Encourage
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Def / 4 SDef
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Sucker Punch
- Iron Head
- Rock Slide
- Fire Fang
What  trachy said but quiet or relaxed nature
instead of sucker punch fake tears and instead of iron head iron defense and if you want to take down ground types instead of rock slide ice beam and instead of fire fang swagger
Why would you give it Ice Beam considering it's crappy Sp. Atk

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Mawile-Mega @ Mawilite
Ability: Huge Power
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SDef
Adamant/Brave Nature
- Swords Dance
- Iron Head
- ThunderPunch
- Ice Punch

With it's new ability and 105 base attack stat this thing will wreck utter havoc. I can especially see it going on a Trick Room team with a Brave Nature and 0 IVs. Swords Dance boosts it's already godlike attack stat into something that simply will not be countered. ThunderPunch and Ice Punch create the BoltBeam combo, while Iron Head rises in usage against those pesky Fairy types. Under TR it also has a nice chance to flinch.

I believe you add the Huge Power boost after EVs and Nature, if not let me know and I'll recalc it.

678 Attack without SDance boost.
1356 Attack with one SDance boost.

+2 252+ Atk Huge Power (custom) Iron Head vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Cresselia: 313-369 (70.49 - 83.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
I speak from experience when I say very little can do up to 80% damage on fully defensive Cress.

+2 252+ Atk Huge Power (custom) Ice Punch vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Groudon: 350-414 (86.63 - 102.47%) -- 18.75% chance to OHKO
Same as above.

+2 252+ Atk Huge Power (custom) ThunderPunch vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Jellicent: 556-656 (137.96 - 162.77%) -- guaranteed OHKO

+2 252+ Atk Huge Power (custom) ThunderPunch vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Forretress: 175-207 (49.43 - 58.47%) -- 68.75% chance to 2HKO
Cough set-up bait cough

+2 252+ Atk Huge Power (custom) ThunderPunch vs. 224 HP / 252+ Def Skarmory: 350-414 (107.03 - 126.6%) -- guaranteed OHKO
Damn Sturdy.

Thanks Once for calc ideas.

answered Oct 23, 2013 by MrKijani
edited Oct 23, 2013 by MrKijani
gdi Mr. K. You don't listen >:1
Took you that long to figure it out eh?
How did you teach mawile ice punch? I tried it with smeargle but without success yet.
This set was made on showdown, although in-game it can learn Ice Punch via move tutor.
Nice Set!
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Brute Force Mawile
Ability: Sheer Force
Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -SpA) or Impish (+Def, -SpA)
EVs: 252 Atk, 252, Def, 4 SpD
Item: Life Orb
- Iron Head- STAB plus boost from Sheer Force
- Crunch- takes out ghosts and psychics and Sheer Force
- Swords Dance- boost your attack
- Ice Punch/Rock Slide- coverage, beats weaknesses, and Sheer Force

answered Oct 1, 2011 by mblinginballer
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Ability:Hyper cutter(To Baton Pass)
-Baton Pass
-Magnet rise
-Charge beam(To pass down the SpAtk raise to a special sweeper)

answered Mar 2, 2012 by HellDoom
The Sp. Atk raise isn't guaranteed and it's base damage sucks.
Its 70%. Same as scald will miss
You mean Scald not burning right? Scald's accuracy is 100
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Mawile (F) @ Mawilite
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 124 HP / 252 Atk / 132 Spd
Adamant Nature
- Substitute
- Play Rough
- Sucker Punch
- Fire Fang

answered Dec 27, 2013 by Mewderator
Pretty good but I would change Fire Fang to Ice Fang for Ground Coverage. And maybe change Substitute to a Steel Move like Iron Head.
What about Fire Punch?  Is it not better?
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Jack, you suck. (jk ily)

Mawile @ Mawilite
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 132 HP / 252 Atk / 124 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Play Rough/Iron Head
- Sucker Punch
- Swords Dance
- Fire Fang

You can have either Play Rough or Iron Head, it depends on what your team needs.
I find Fire Fang alot more helpful than Ice Punch and Thunder Punch.
Sucker Punch is a must on any Mawile.
Swords Dance on the switch, and it's good game.

answered Aug 6, 2014 by Sir Terlor
edited Aug 6, 2014 by Sir Terlor
We all needed to know this so bad lol
Sarcasm? ;]
Iron Head, Sucker Punch, Swords Dance and Play Rough, since i think both Play Rough and Iron Head is STAB and I don't really need Fire Fang since i think that coverage for dragon types are more used often. Is it okay?
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physical wall move set for mawile!!!

  • stockpile(quick defense boost)
  • thunder punch
  • foul play(great dark type move)
  • iron head(STAB)


answered Jan 15, 2013 by samurisceptile
Foul Play is NOT recommended unless if you're using alongside Swagger because it uses the opponent's Attack against itself, not your own.  Go with Crunch instead.
does Mawile even learn thunder punch?
Yup.  I believe its through a move tutor.
Why would you use Crunch over Foul Play... Foul Play has higher base damage.
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Here is a Staller set for Mawile:

Knock Off-to take off the opponents item
Pain Split-needed in the set
Toxic-every Staller has one
Iron Head-STAB

Evs-252 HP 252 DEF

answered Feb 24, 2011 by Psychic x
I would replace iron head with fire fang because toxic doesn't effect steel types...
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Gen V

Mawile (F) @ Leftovers

Trait: Hyper Cutter

EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Def / 4 SDef

Impish Nature (+Def, -SAtk)

  • Sucker Punch
  • Substitute
  • Swords Dance
  • Focus Punch
answered Jun 16, 2011 by trachy
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Physical Tank

Item: Leftovers
Ability: Sheer-force
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 Attack, 58 Hp, 200 Def


This guy is for Tanking against Physical Pokemon only. Iron-defense gives you about a 500 Defense Stat which is awesome. Sucker-punch is useful priority that could save you are be last minute damage before another Pokemon takes you down. Iron-head has 104 BP with Sheer force and 156 with STAB so this move is very strong. Thunder-fang covers the many water and flying types in NU and also gets boosted by Sheer force to about 84.5 Base power. There are only 3 Steel types in NU and I would have to say that Mawile is below Aggron obviously but I think it is better than Probopass because it has no 4x weaknesses.

answered Oct 4, 2011 by Speed freak
edited Oct 6, 2011 by Josh
Pardon? Fire fang against water? I think not. You've made a mistake.
I said Thunder-fang.
Your defense will not be 500 after one iron defense. Your first Iron defense approximately doubles your defense. Your Mawile would have to have a 250 defense which is totally impossible.
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Item: Choice-scarf
Ability: Sheer-force
Nature: Jolly
EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 Hp


Iron-head is STAB. Sucker-punch is for those who still out-speed you. Rock-slide is coverage. Ice-fang is more coverage(I would do fire-fang but all the steel types in NU aside from Mawile are part rock type).

answered Oct 4, 2011 by Speed freak
edited Oct 4, 2011 by Speed freak
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Mawile (M) @ Leftovers

Role: Forced Switch / Tank

Trait: Intimidate

EVs: 240 HP / 28 Atk / 240 SDef

Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)

  • Swords Dance
  • Sucker Punch
  • Pain Split
  • Stone Edge

Rockin the 0 STAB moves.
Intimidate can force a switch on most physical threats, while you can set up Swords Dance, Sucker Punch is high powered priority, lets him hit first.
Stone Edge can be switched for Iron Head, but I'd rather have protection from Stone Edge's Coverage. Pain Split can gain back Hp, and do some serious damage if your opponent switched out when you're around 25% Hp left.

answered Oct 29, 2011 by Josh
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Mawile (M) @ Leftovers/Life Orb

Trait: Sheer Force

EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def

Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SpA)

  • Swords Dance
  • Iron Head
  • Sucker Punch
  • Ice Punch/Baton Pass

Swords Dance boosts attack to nice levels.
Iron Head is STAB and boosted by Sheer Force.
Sucker Punch is good priority.
Ice Punch is boosted by Sheer Force as well and gives some further coverage.
Baton Pass can be used though to help out a teammate.

answered Mar 2, 2012 by Hex
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Mega Mawile @ Mawilite
Ability: Intimidate / Huge Power
EVs: 252 attack, 252 HP, 4 sp. attack
Nature: Adamant
- Swords Dance
- Iron Head
- Play Rough
- Sucker Punch / Brick Break

The thing about Mega Mawile is that it has just so many defensive resistances from its steel typing, and is so offensively powerful from its fairy type. Also, it has 2 types that don't effect it at all (dragon and poison), so it's an easy switch in on many Pokemon. Remember to give the original Mawile the ability Intimidate so that when it can be switched in even more easily.

Swords Dance as the opponent's Pokemon switches out because of the common lack of super effective or even neutral moves. Iron Head and Play Rough are the two main stabs, though keep in mind both of them are not very effective against steel and fire. Sadly, Mawile cannot learn Earthquake, but fire types are generally not very bulky, so a super effective move is not always necessary to take them out; Sucker Punch would be the best move to take them on, with priority over generally fast fire types. If steel types are the biggest problem, Brick Break is generally the only option, though setting up on steel types is generally easy for Mega Mawile, as most of them can't hit this Pokemon hard enough to knock it out.

answered Nov 10, 2013 by OutragedArcanine
Poor Dragalge, Mawile nulls both of its STAB moves.
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Mawile (M) @ Mawilite
Adamant (+Atk, -Sp. Atk)
252 Atk/252 HP/6 Spd
•Swords Dance
•Iron Head
•Play Rough
•Stone Edge

I was thinking Mawile could be some Fighting-type coverage (besides maybe Skarmory) on a Sandstorm team. Swords Dance will give you the highest Attack in the game, with Speed being your only hindrance, but its defenses and HP improvement through EVs should be enough to handle it. HP EVs because I want it to be able to take a Special Fire move. Wish it had Earthquake, but Stone Edge is fine for Fire coverage. Blaziken, my worst Fire fear, is hit by Play Rough anyway. Iron Head is STAB and flinching chance. Intimidate will help your defenses even more prior to Mega Evolution. Really hoping this set works out on the Sandstorm team I'm building!

answered Dec 30, 2013 by Kenzie_Crobat
ew not Stone Edge, Sucker Punch.
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Mawile @ Life Orb
enter image description here
Ability: Sheer Force
EVs: 40 HP / 252 Atk / 216 Spd
Adamant Nature
- Swords Dance
- Iron Head
- Sucker Punch
- Ice Punch / Thunder Punch

yes, I'm running speed on le'thing. why can't just people understand how important that is? mawile is a steel type, but it doesn't have the bulk to help it, so you might just as well invest in speed to outspeed some things instead of just relying on sucker punch, which is weak as hell. 216 speed is to outspeed max speed custap golem. not really much more important after that, but most people like jolly and 252 speed to outspeed as much as possible. the rest of the set is pretty self-ecsplained. Sheer Force and Life Orb boosts all of mawiles attacks with 1.6( Sheer Force prevents Life Orb damage if the move activates Sheer Force) barring Sucker Punch , which is pretty deadly with a SD and STAB Iron Head. hazard is really needed for the OHKO's, so golurk is a great partner for mawile as they provides great synergy + lurk has SR.

answered Apr 21, 2014 by Dr Dude
I suppose this is for Gen 5 NU?
Ye, of course
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you know, ive been thinking, since huge power already gives it extreme power, why waste so many EV's in atk? here try this set and I tried it, and it works amazingly:
Mawile (M) @ Mawilite
Ability: Intimidate
Level: 50
EVs: 252 HP / 52 Atk / 4 Def / 180 SDef / 20 Spd
Careful Nature
- Protect
- Play Rough
- Iron Head
- Sucker Punch
max HP for obvious reasons,180 spec.def and careful combo make it so it can take a CHOICE SPECED fire blast from salamence, and a HEAT WAVE from megazard y as long as its not in sun:) 52 attack to still OHKO common threats( like tyranitar, garchomp, etc...)and 20 speed to outspeed common mawiles (adamant 252/252/4 sets) moveset it pretty basic and keep in mind this is a VGC set, so it NEEDS protect:)
Moveset created by Ray Rizzo:)

answered Jun 15, 2014 by MegaBroski
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Mega Mawile
Mawile @ Mawilite
Ability: Intimidate --> Huge Power
EVs: 248 Atk / 252 HP / 8 SDef
Adamant Nature
- Play Rough
- Ice Fang
- Iron Head
- Stone Edge
I think this is good
With Intimidate as its ability, it can lower the foes attack on switch in, then mega evolve to get
Huge power on the next turn. Play Rough and Iron Head for STAB, Ice Fang for Ground coverage, and Stone Edge for Fire Coverage.

answered Jun 28, 2014 by Blade with Leaves
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This set is so powerful it can OHKO Chansey

Mawile @Mawilite
Trait: Intimidate --> Huge Power
Adamant Nature
EVs: 252 Hp, 252 Atk, 4 SpD
-Focus Punch
-Swords Dance/Iron Head/Ice Punch
-Sucker Punch

Well first when you mega evolve use Substitute obviously, and if you think your opponent will switch then use Swords Dance, if not go straight for Focus Punch. Sucker Punch is there to take about Ghost types, swords dance is to boost Attack, iron head is STAB and Ice Punch is coverage

252+ Atk Huge Power Mega Mawile Focus Punch vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Eviolite Chansey: 816-962 (115.9 - 136.6%) -- guaranteed OHKO


answered May 17 by Sigma Dragoon
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Well, I have discovered a decent moveset for Mawile/Mega Mawile.
Ability: -Hyper Cutter
Nature: Adamant/Lonely
EVs:-Attack and Speed
Item: Mawilite/Muscle Band
Rough Play- one of the only physical fairy type moves. Good w/ Muscle Band.
Iron Head- once again, another good physical move to counter other fairy types.
Crunch: - good physical type move
Protect/Swords Dance: -well you can either raise your attack or protect yourself for one turn. Your choice.
It's new type change,from being a Steel type to a Fairy/Steel type gives it a much better advantage over dragon, fighting, and dark types. When I first saw this in X/Y I was so exited. Well if you have suggestions or would like to comment, please do by all means necessary. Have fun. :P

answered May 20 by theshinysammurot
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My mawile's (favorite Pokemon) moveset:

Mawile (Mega Mawile)
Ability: Intimidate/Huge Power
EVs: 264 HP/ 264 Atk/ 225 Def

  • Play Rough
  • Thunder Fang
  • Iron Head
  • Dark Pulse

    Play rough is a good fairy STAB move that can sweep Dragon and Fighting Pokemon easily. Thunder Fang is for good coverage against Water and Flying Pokemon. Iron Head is also a good STAB move and can sweep Rock, Ice, and Fairy Pokemon. And Dark Pulse is a good move against Ghost and Physic Pokemon. Mega evolution Mega Mawile has great defense and Huge Power makes it stronger, with Intimidate for the regular Mawile to easily lower threating Pokemon's power.

answered Jul 31, 2014 by Sancho
There are several problems with this move set. Firstly your EVs are all screwed up. You can only have a max of 252 EVs in any one stat, and the total number of EVs you can have on one pokemon is 510. The second problem is that mega-Mawile's base Special Attack is so low there is absolutely no point in having Dark Pulse, and you haven't even given it any Special Attack investment. If you want a Dark type move then that is fine - it's a good type for Mawile - but stick with the physical Crunch or Sucker Punch. If you did this because you believed Huge Power boosts Special Attack as well as regular Attack, then it doesn't - it only boosts physical Attack.
Oh, well you make good points. Although dark pulse hasn't failed me yet I understand what your saying about the physical moves. I'm kinda new to EV's so if i mess up i'm not really used to or good at understanding them yet. I don't really understand the purpose or explination of Special Attack so i have to work on that too.  And yes ik that Huge Power only boasts physical attack-like I said I don't really understand what Special Attack does so its something I have to work on.
Don't feel bad about it - EVs can be difficult for newer players to understand. If you want to find out more about them, I suggest looking for a video on the subject on youtube. For example look at

As for the Special Attack, that is much easier to understand. Every move in the game has a category - Physical, Special, or Status. Status moves are any non-attacking move. Physical and Special moves are different kinds of attacking moves. Every pokemon has a base Attack and Defence, and a base Special Attack and Special Defence. Pokemon with higher Attack deal more damage with Physical Attacks, while those with higher Defence take less damage from Physical Attacks. The same is true with the Special Attacks and the Special Attack/Special Defence stats. So, to take the example of Mega-Mawile. Its base Attack is 105. By itself that would be considered a good Attack stat, but it is doubled by Huge Power to be effectively 210, which is considered insanely high. To put that number into perspective, the highest base Attack stat in the games (ignoring abilities) is Mega Mewtwo X's base 190. Mega-Mawile's base Special Attack is only 55, which is considered extremely low, and really not worth using, especially when compared with its monstrous Attack stat.

Anyway, I hoped this helped you understand some of these concepts.
Oh thanks for the source on Evs and the explination of Special attack/defense-it helped alot.