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Is Waterfall or Aqua Tail more effective for Feraligatr?

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I think I'll stick with Earthquake, Ice Fang, and Dragon Dance but should I use Waterfall or Aqua Tail? Both are physical moves so they work well with Feraligatr's attack, and they both do about the same damage.

asked Dec 14, 2011 by excadrill444

2 Answers

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I would go with Waterfall because of the flinching chance as I see you have Dragon Dance to boost Speed, and Ice FAng for more flinching. You could replace EQ with Rock Slide for flinching but EQ provides more coverage.

answered Dec 14, 2011 by XtremeKiller
Thanks for the input. I think I'm still gonna stick with Earthquake because all his weaknesses will be covered.
Fine with me, EQ works too.
1 vote

Stick with waterfall because it has better accuracy and has a chance that it might make the opponent flinch

answered Dec 14, 2011 by ShinyDrizzlePolitoed
Thanks a lot!