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Is there a way of getting unlimeted Ethers?

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I'm going to challenge the Pokemon League for the second time and I've prepared a team with a bunch of revives and Fresh water but my largest issue is that my Pokemon's PP's keep on running out. I know you can't buy ethers and elixers and can find them on the floor, but is there anyway of getting unlimited Ethers/Elixers? Thanks for your time.

asked Dec 17, 2011 by Rumi
Which game is this for?
I'm playing the White version. Thanks

1 Answer

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You can just pick Leppa Berries. They do the same thing as Ethers.

Oh, and welcome to the website, Rumi!

answered Dec 17, 2011 by XtremeKiller
Oh thanks. Do you know where I can find/buy leppa berries. I heard there is a 50% chance of finding them on Clefairys.