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How powerful is Volcarona?

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My Volcarona:

Volcarona- Heat Rock
? EVs
Sunny Day
Solar Beam
Heat Wave

So here's the 4-11:
It might be my lead, but I will always start with sunny day. The heat rock will keep it going. Then I would use either solar beam or heat wave. If I choose Heat wave, how effective is it? I has a power of 100, add the fire boost, and the sunny day power (If that adds power). So my question is, how effective is heat wave?

asked Dec 18, 2011 by Rio
edited May 25, 2012 by Rio

1 Answer

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answered Dec 18, 2011 by DarthDestiny
Sure; use Drought - you are losing whole turn! And U-Turn is physical. I would suggest Fire move (I use Fiery Dance), Hurricane/Psychic (bye bye Fightings which like to use Rock moves), Quiver Dance and SolarBeam for a sun team
OH! so that's why a lot of volcarona know hurricane
never thought of that
Remember about commenting on old Qs ;D
what defines an old question exactly?