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Should I make my Houndoom Timid or Lonely nature?

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Im thinking whether i should make my houndoom timid or lonely. In my current team there arent any mixed attackers so im thinking about using my houndoom as a mixed sweeper with lonely nature. but with the lonely nature, it sacrifises his defense and speed. with timid nature, he will be fast but only effective as a special sweeper. which one is better? a speedy special sweeper? or a mixed attacker who can take down most psychics and ghosts with sucker punch?

asked Dec 24, 2011 by HellDoom
retagged Jul 31, 2012
oh and dont request me another nature other than these 2, i want either one but just dont know which one is better for houndoom

2 Answers

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Go with Lonely. Timid will lower your Attack, which won't be good for a mixed Houndoom.

answered Dec 25, 2011 by Mewderator
selected Jan 12, 2013 by HellDoom
i didnt completely decide if i want to make him mixed yet. so thats why im asking if timid or mixed is better. and if i make him timid, i wont give him any physical moves
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How about Hasty (+Speed -Defense) or Naive (+Speed - Sp.Def) if you don't want Timid or Lonely?

answered Dec 25, 2011 by Hex
no i said i want either timid or lonely, but actually thinking of doing timid