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What is the maximum height of a pokemon to enter a building?

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I mean for it to stay outside its Pokeball?

asked Jan 14, 2012 by AndiIlham
edited Jan 14, 2012 by Pokemaster
Hmm interesting question!
You mean to walk with you in HeartGold/SoulSilver? I wondered that myself before I lost my HG, my Rayquaza couldn't follow me into buildings, but I think Latias could.
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Well, while I cannot give you the maximum Height for a Pokemon to enter a building, I can give you the Tallest Pokemon that can enter a building which is:


Gyarados is approximately 21'04'' in height, which is 6.5 M in those of you in the Metric System. Anything shorter than Gyarados can fit in a building no problem, except for certain Legendary Pokemon for some odd reason. Here is is the Link that that shows the Heights of each Pokemon:

Tested on Pokemon HG

answered Jan 16, 2012 by &Psychic x
edited Jan 16, 2012 by &Psychic x
Good Answer:)
Credit to Mew for finding the Legendary edit.
thanks for the effort for the answer :)
what about dialga?
its big