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When is the new Pokemon episode coming to the u.s?

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i watch the new Pokemon episodes every week and I've been waiting for about 2 weeks for episode 710 the Japanese name is Charismatic Gym Leader Appears! Elesa Enters, the U.S. name never came out yet, so does anyone have an idea of why it isn't airing or know why

asked Jan 28, 2012 by tigerjay
edited Jun 8, 2013 by tigerjay
Doesn't tell you when aired but info on episode
I know, right? I'm dying to find out!
IDK but i have been waking up very early to see it but it never shows up

1 Answer

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Febuary 18th.
Found it on serebii.

answered Jan 29, 2012 by Ninja
about time they put a date
The 18th?!?!?!? I can't wait that long!
i know right