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How does your Pokemon evade attacks?

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I was in a battle when a Pokemon used a move and the move didn't hit my Pokemon,Then it said my Pokemon envaded the attack.

asked Feb 6, 2012 by (Abnormal1!)
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No it is just about percentages

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The Evasion stat, or evasiveness, determines the percent chance that an opponent's move will miss. The initial value at the start of any battle is 100%. If the stat is decreased below 100% with a move such as Sweet Scent, then the opposing Pokémon has a better chance of connecting its move. If the stat is increased above 100% with a move suchas Double Team, the opposing Pokémon will have a harder time connecting its moves.Itwas called "evade" in Generation I.

See Here for this and more information.

answered Feb 6, 2012 by Psychic x
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