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What would a perfect IV Spinda look like?

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I know that IVs determine the Spot Pattern of a Spinda. So what would be the spot pattern with 31 IVs all around? Does anyone know this?

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If this is too hard to answer then I will hide it, it is just something that I find interesting and I would know if I happen to bump into one.
Check personality values

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since PO automatically sets the IVs at 31 for everything, the Spindas on PO will always look like perfect IV spindas. so you can look down and see the perfect IV spinda! =D

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IVs have nothing to do with Spinda's appearance. It's its Personality Value, which means there are over 4,000,000,000 Spindas, as Pokemon Y's descriptions suggests
The question asks what a perfect IV Spinda would look like. With perfect IVs, that is what a Spinda would look like.
sorry bout dat then