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Pokemon fossils pLease heLp?

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What are the kinds of fossils and what pokemon comes out of it

asked Feb 27, 2012 by Stellarium

2 Answers

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Armor Fossil =Shieldon

Claw Fossil =Anorith

Cover Fossil =Tirtouga

Dome Fossil =Kabuto

Helix Fossil =Omanyte

Old Amber =Aerodactyl

Plume Fossil =Archen

Root Fossil =Lileep

Skull Fossil=Cranidos

Edit:You can find all the fossils in Pokemon Black and White.There is a man in the Twist Mountain in the Ice rock room that provides you one fossil every day.Link here

answered Feb 27, 2012 by Mr.Bombastic
edited Apr 30, 2012 by Mr.Bombastic
Where do I find the old amber in pokemon black
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answered Feb 27, 2012 by yukozuma