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How do you get to Pallet Town in SoulSilver?

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So, my brother has been playing his SS for a while and can't get to Pallet, Pewter,Cinnabar, or Viridian. Why?

asked Mar 11, 2012 by •==[Mega-Grievous==>
edited May 15, 2012 by Pokemaster

2 Answers

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You need to go to Pewter city via Digglet cave using the pokeflute that you get from the Radio tower of the Kanto region to wake up the Snorlax that is sleeping in front of the cave front. Talk to the Gentle man of the Radio tower to get the pokeflute.When you exit diglett go up to Viridian Forest and then Pewter City.If you go down you will reach Viridian City and the Pallet Town

answered Mar 11, 2012 by Mr.Bombastic
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first you have to go yo lavender town and get the pokegear attachment by which you can use the pokeflute on the pokegear radio.
then go to vermillion city and wake up the snorlax and catch or beat it then go by the diglet cave to get to pewter and go backwards to get to the rest
P.S. you are going to need cut so get it with you

answered Mar 11, 2012 by uberjackel97