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How do fish pokemon fight or move on a flat ground?

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Or any pokemon who doesnt have legs and is not levitating. Lets say for example lanturn. If a pokemon trainer was in a pokemon league and he sent out a Lanturn but the field wasnt water, how would Lanturn manage to move and fight? And also you know how Ash carries Pikachu out of the pokeball and always walks with him right? How would fish pokemon do that? Do they hop, levitate,or what??

Hmm and maybe Lanturn can levitate because of his electricity but other fish pokemon like goldeen,sharpedo,and even non fish like cloyster. How do they even walk?

asked Mar 28, 2012 by HellDoom
They have secret jet packs built into them.

But really it is just so that they can have the cool designs of the Pokemon that there is no visible means of them being able to float and such. Logic isn't really a factor in most video games, Pokemon included.

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Actually, you rarely see fish Pokemon out of the water in the cartoon. Take your Lanturn, for example. Some episodes and movies of Pokemon also take generous time to show Water type Pokemon in the ocean, especially for the Hoenn regio series. Some that you did mention, though, do levitate. Cloyster and Sharpedo levitate off the ground for unexplained reasons in the cartoon. Cloyster can be seen in the biker gang episode in the Kanto region series battling Psyduck on the bridge. Sharpedo... I just remember it floating. Also, Misty once had a Goldeen that rarely came out of it's ball, but I remember it flopping around on dry land.

Also, if its any consolation, every Pokemon in Heartgold/Soulsilver follows you around (some not in buildings, though). That was an unnecessarily long answer.

answered Mar 28, 2012 by bureiku
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Its a cartoon its not meant to make sense its like how can electrode use sucker punch. or ditto transforming into an exact copy of the pokemon(which is impossible according to the law of mass i think thats what its called, which states that mater can not be created). Pokemon isnt meant to make sense you just have to go with it.

answered Mar 28, 2012 by Aura Warrior
sucker punch isnt even a punch btw
yes it is; its an unexpected punch or blow.
Dosnt look like it!!!
the move may not look like it but thats what it is
yea in the japanese name it doesnt say punch and it doesnt get affected by iron fist either
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Lantern levitated in cartoons. Cloyster was HUGE and stayed in one spot when attacking. Goldee just splashed on the ground and jumped into the air when attacking.

answered Mar 28, 2012 by mechacharizard
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graphics in games,shows,and movies well,they don`t think of that.They normally just float,but if you take a pokemon like Cloyster or Shellder, then they normally just slide on the ground or hop.

answered Mar 29, 2012 by MeloettaDancer