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Event Pokemon - Getting the right nature?

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I have been soft resetting for an adamant event Zekrom, but keep getting undesirable natures. Is it even possible for me to get an adamant one or are the natures for it limited to certain ones? I know there is no set nature, for instance it can be brave, hasty and so on but NEVER has it once been adamant! Helpful advice please, I'm planning on EV Training it.

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Bulbapedia/ Spring 2012 Zekrom

Click the link so you can see the info.
On top under Trainer Memo, it says Random Nature, so yes it is possible.

Just be paitient, i know it can be a pain in nosepass XD (forgive me, could not help myself)

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Good luck getting the Adamant Zekrom and have EV Training it

EDIT: Good shinx. Have Fun!!