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Wide guard and explosion question.

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Suppose you had an electrode and an escavalier on your team. Escavalier can learn the move wide guard, which is like protect but also protects your allies in a double battle. If escavalier used wide guard and electrode used explosion, would electrode faint as normal or would it remain alive from wide guard?

asked Apr 7, 2012 by mechacharizard

2 Answers

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Ive just tested this out on po just to be sure.
Situation- well i had to use a throh with wide guard because escavlier can not learn wide guard though it can learn quik guard which does not have the same effect.
-So first throh goes first because of priority move wide guard.
-Then electrode has over 400 speed so is likely to go first and uses explosion (i dont know why you wanted explosion its attack is appauling and self destruct would be better but..)
-electrode uses explosion and feints... foes loose 1/4 hp.

It cant really use explosion any way if it cant die :)
wide guard protects your team from moves like earthquake, seen as he used explosion which he used himself and effects him sepretly wide guard did not protect him.

answered Apr 7, 2012 by Blobyolo
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My guess is that he would faint normally, but I might be wrong. Or you could just try the situation out and see what the results are

answered Apr 7, 2012 by toodz