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Evolution via Stones?

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If a Pokémon evolves via stones and it's at a level where it will learn a new move, will it learn that move after evolution or will you have to go to the move tutors house and trade a heart scale to get that move? Say that my Nuzleaf was at level 49 and I evolved it with its corresponding stone (Leaf Stone), it says that Shifty will learn Leaf Storm at level 49, will it learn the move or not?

asked Apr 8, 2012 by balin1998
edited Apr 8, 2012 by balin1998

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Yes it will learn the move, because now that it's a Lv.49 Shiftry it has to learn the move
Source- Experience

answered Apr 8, 2012 by Spark Pichu
You are very helpful. Thanks.