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Will the new Pokemon game will be for 3DS only?

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I need to know in case I have to purchase a 3DS.

asked Apr 8, 2012 by catsareme
edited Jun 2, 2012 by Pokemaster

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No, the new pokemon games being released, Pokemon Black and White 2, and Pokemon Conquest will be compatible. However, having a DSi, DSiXL, or 3DS will allow the game to have special features like camera functions, wi-fi connection and so on like Pokemon Black did with the XTransceiver.

answered Apr 8, 2012 by Halcyonic Falcon
selected Dec 18, 2012 by Psychic x
o i didnt know thanks i have a dsixl so
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You mean Pokemon White/Black 2 no that will be a DS game,OK.

Or do you mean Pokemon Conquest that will be a DS game too.

Hope this helps =P

answered Apr 8, 2012 by Spark Pichu
THAnk you so much !!!!!!
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Nope, they are ds exclusives, however, the two games (black and white 2) can still run on a 3DS. But you don't need to buy a 3DS to play either one, they are perfectly compatible with the system they are designed for. (The nintendo DS)

answered Apr 8, 2012 by starscream4ever!
thanks for the info it helped a lot. I saved about $240 cuz id make the mistake of buying a 3ds just for that game!