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How do you get Houndour in SoulSilver?

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asked Apr 9, 2012 by dangernoaccess
edited Apr 21, 2012 by trachy

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You can find houndour on route 7 at night (Lv. 15) and also at the safari zone near Cianwood city Once you have completed 2 Challenges for Baoba (catch a geodude then catch a sandshrew) and you have the national dex. It will appear in the Savannah area once you have 4 forest Items placed. It will appear at level 41 or 42.

answered Apr 21, 2012 by Darquaza
edited Apr 22, 2012 by Darquaza
Just to let you know Darquaza i'm not trying to be a smart alik but, you can only catch houndour in the safari zone in pokemon HeartGold. I just thought i'll let you know about that error...
Read this page:
Houndour can be caught in HG/SS at route 7. It is very rare, even at night there is only 5% chance of catching it.
Ok DB-Valet, thanks for helpin' me out with that. My mistake...
np and welcome to the site :)