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What's the deal with Pokemon evolving with stones?

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I'm a bit confused with Pokemon that evolve with stones. Like, when is the best time to evolve them? Is it true that they don't learn more moves after evolving? What happens to their stats? I'm really confused here, so please some one explain this to me!

asked Jul 25, 2010 by ThatSassyGirlx89

2 Answers

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Most pokemon can't learn many moves after stone evolution, so teach them a few good moves before evolving them ( and maybe a few TM moves, then evolve them when you are happy, because you probably can't change them much without TMs and Hms

answered Jul 25, 2010 by DarkTyphlosion
2 votes

Evolve them after you teach them all the moves that their Pre-evolution can kow, then evolve. Their stats become higher like when every Pokemon evolves.

answered Jul 25, 2010 by trachy