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Moves for catching pokemon?

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Like moves that leave only 1hp and what moves keep a pokemon that usually runs from doing so? And between poison, sleep, and such which helps with the catch rate more? And what move/moves would be the best to do so? And maybe which one of the status moves are tms?

asked May 19, 2012 by dholt12

3 Answers

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  1. False swipe deals 40 damage or leaves 1 hp left due to Super-Effective Attack or you're using a higher level Pokemon.

  2. Block or Mean Look can stop a pokemon from fleeing.

  3. Sleep which can be caused by Sleep Powder, and Freeze which can be caused by
    Tri Attack (6.67 Chance), helps more with Catch Rate.

4.There are lot's of TM's that are Status, but no HM that is Status.

Professor Juniper gives you TM False Swipe once you have seen 100 Pokemon in Unova.

Hope this helps! XD

answered May 19, 2012 by septer123
edited May 19, 2012 by septer123
Do you know where to get false swipe in white? And are their any sleep or freeze moves that are tms? Not like blizzard with a low chance but how sleep powder is for sure to do it but in a tm move, if their are any? And thank you
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A move that leaves 1 HP would be False Swipe, (a move that prevents a pokemon from running would be Mean Look but I'm not sure), there is none of the status that would be good although sleep would be good, and using Hypnosis would cause sleep. I don't know about a sleep TM/HM currently.

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answered May 19, 2012 by kingdomhearts
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false swipe leaves 1 hp

answered May 19, 2012 by Eternal_Spade
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