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101 HP Substitutes? How do they work?

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I constantly see these on Smogon, and I am wondering how they work and what EV spread in HP is needed. How?

asked May 19, 2012 by Saz
edited May 19, 2012 by Pokemaster

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Edit: ok i didnt explain it very well, this is what i should of added.
It soesnt have to be 100 base hp with 252 evs its hp just normally is around 404/405
which with the kyurem set is exactly what you get 405hp which allows you to use 4 subs.

answered May 19, 2012 by Blobyolo
edited May 19, 2012 by trachy

3rd set can make 101HP Subs, 125 Base HP. I'm wondering the basis of how they work, not on only base 100 HP pokes.
is there a certain number, or what? Please more extensive.
No just any pokemon that can use its evs to be able to pull off 101 hp based subs such as i could run a cresselia with 96 evs and it will have 405 hp therefor being able to pull off 4 101 hp subs.
Well, any Pokemon with a base 100 HP or more can build up a 101 or more HP sub. As said, all that is needed is 404 HP.
Okay, so a pokemon that can make a 101HP Sub Needs to be at least 100 Base HP. Thanks.