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Can an Ice type Pokemon be frozen?

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i know that fire type pokemon can't be burned and poison type pokemon can't be poisoned but can an ice type be frozen? and because ice is so usseles against ice no1 is gonna try ice beam or any other ice attack against an ice type pokemon so i want to know...

asked May 20, 2012 by Latios
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3 Answers

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No, ice types cant be frozen. source:multiple websites.

answered May 20, 2012 by the_netts
selected Dec 2, 2012 by Mewderator
well that's more clear than just no you can't, eh, ok, i vote for u
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Well I'm copying, but hear me out. You already know that types are immune to status problems like... Poison,Poison , Fire,Fire
So really you can pull out the info that Ice is not able to be frozen.

SOURCE: common sense, experience, research

answered May 20, 2012 by kingdomhearts
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but electric pokemon can get paralized by thunderwave
fire types can be burnt
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Ice types are immune to being freezed.

answered May 20, 2012 by Hex