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Where do you find Zorura?

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I get he's somewhere in Castelia city, i'm too lazy to look for him so i'm asking. ANYONE know what building or where you get him in?! PLZ TELL MEH :D

asked Jun 3, 2012 by Darkrai123

4 Answers

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Go in front of the Pokemon Center, then go into the street that is to the right. When you go into the street, look at the first building to the right and go inside it. You'll see a lady and Zorua. The Zorua is friends with the event Celebi that you've got to have. Otherwise you can't get Zorua. Also make sure you have a pokeball (any) and an empty space in your party.

Hope this helped you!!

answered Jun 3, 2012 by Victini Victory
reshown Apr 12, 2013 by Pokemaster
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Go to the Pokemon Center. Go into the street directly to the right. On the first building that can be entered, on the right, is the building that Zorua is in.
You must have an Event Celebi in order to get Zorua.

answered Jun 3, 2012 by Mewderator
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Go to Castelia city and go to the alley to the right of the pokemon centre. Then turn right to the first building called GameFreak and then talk to the girl near the reception with your event celebi.
Note: It must be an event Celebi, any normal celebi will not work

answered Jun 3, 2012 by Pok£Maniac
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to get Zorua ,first you need to go to castilia city and have a Event celibi with atleast 1 emty slot in your party. then turn right when your outside the pokemon centre and turn in to the street and go to your right till you read all the signs and go in the building that has the game freak sign then talk to the boy by the counter next to a lady ,and hopefully celibi will jump out of its pokeball and the boy will turn back into a zorua which will be in your empty slot.

     hope fully this helped:D
answered Jun 3, 2012 by cathrine123