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Will the ability Harvest bring back used Gems?

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I am talking about Fire Gems, Water Gems, stuff like that. Or does it work just with Berries?
Also, i have a second question. Let's say Cinccino uses Knock Off on my Tropius who is holding an Eviolite (I know that it doesn't work, just an example) and the Eviolite is knocked off, can Tropius use Harvest to get the Eviolite back?

asked Jun 27, 2012 by JirachiCelebiMew
edited Jul 5, 2012 by 5th of November

1 Answer

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May create another Berry after one is used.

So it only works on berries. So no it wont work


answered Jun 27, 2012 by Aura Warrior
selected Jun 27, 2012 by JirachiCelebiMew