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what apricots make what stat go up/down?

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im trying to get my Mew to have huge Power and Stamina

asked Jul 2, 2012 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ

1 Answer

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BLU Apricorn Skill
GRN Apricorn Jump
PNK Apricorn Speed
Red Apricorn Power
YLW Apricorn Stamina

Will edit with decrease later, because Bulbapedia isn't working atm.

answered Jul 2, 2012 by Ninja
selected Jul 2, 2012 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
so a Mix of Yellow and Red gets me Stamina and power up?
Yeah, simple as that.
yay lucky for me i have 2 reds and 1 yellow