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How can I register Typhlosion's sigh correctly on Ranger Guardian Singhs?

0 votes <-----This says that I can register Typhlosion on my styler. I've tried to draw the sighn about 6 times and it keeps on going it thinks I'm putting it in wrong. Help!

                            ~ANOTHER QUESTION ALERT!~

How do I get to the Canal Ruins(I think that'ts what it's called,if I'm not correct please correct me) I'm stuck on Sophian Road and Raikou is being stubborn He doesn't want to jump.

asked Jul 6, 2012 by Rackpal#1
retagged Sep 5, 2012

1 Answer

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Typhlosion is a boss Pokemon

The following Pokémon are obtained via signs given out at a variety of events or on shows such as Pokémon Sunday. To activate them, you have to select the question mark option in viewing the Ranger signs then press the Draw button beneath it. You then need to draw the sign and it will activate for you. Like the previous Pokémon, you can only have one and their power is reduced. For the Boss Pokémon, they can only be activated after you have beaten them

For Canal ruins, go WEST. That is, left. Hope I helped!

answered Jul 6, 2012 by XtremeKiller
Raikou will not go West.
Then maybe it's a glitch.
Thanks for the edits UP