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Can I make this Darkrai a special attacker?

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I recently got traded a Darkrai from my friend.
It is lvl 1 and has no evs yet.

Attack: 6
Defense: 7
Sp.Atk: 6
Sp.def: 6
Speed: 7

Careful nature(+sp.def, - sp.atk)

I would like to know if my better option would be to e.v train it in sp.atk and something else, or train it in attack. Thanks for your help.

asked Aug 16, 2012 by pokedude4236

1 Answer

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My opinion is to EV train in Sp.atk and Speed, because Darkrai has some good Special moves, PLUS the Speed training should make it move first, giving you the edge.

answered Aug 16, 2012 by kingdomhearts
selected Nov 11, 2012 by pokedude4236
Thanks a lot