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Wher can I find Salamance in Pokemon White?

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Title sayz all

asked Aug 25, 2012 by Xx-Oshawott-xX

1 Answer

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You cant find or catch salamence.You have to use poketransfer.Or if you have bagon in your white forest you can catch it and evolve it into a salamence.If you dont have bagon in your white forest,you have to use the entralink feature and go to someone elses worlds and see if they have the specific trainer who has salamence{Your friend should have pokemon black or it wont work} and invite them to your world to make bagon appear in your white forest.


answered Aug 25, 2012 by Exca le roi
edited Aug 25, 2012 by Exca le roi
thanks but with who he will appear with what trainer
the trainers name is grace