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Last Resort question?

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I saw a youtube video of a battle and one of the pokemons moves was last resort but he/she didn't use all three other moves instead used one move mutiple times.I thought last resort only worked if you used all your moves.

asked Aug 25, 2012 by The Fallen $eraph

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Pika is right, but he said its not answering his question so, the video could be edited so only the good part is there or just a hack battle. Normally you have to use all other moves, so it could be a gimmick stradegy.

answered Aug 31, 2012 by Absol
selected Dec 11, 2012 by The Fallen $eraph
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The only possible explanation is that the Pokemon only had two moves in its moveset. It is kinda a gimmicky strategy, but some people use it.

answered Aug 25, 2012 by Umbrae
whats the video
forgot the name
Moves:Double Team, Ice Beam(I think),Last Resort,and Giga Impact(I think)
But I know it has four moves.
go to your youtube history and find the video
I did but it wasn't there for some reason